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vufo July 8th, 2009 02:38 PM

Study preservation and development of the former french quarter of Hanoi
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The IMV provides methodological support to the Department of Architecture and Urbanism of the Municipality of Hanoi to develop a plan for the protection and development of the former french quarter. Due to a large number of major real estate projects which are conducted (or planned), this central area is undergoing major transformations. Some old colonial houses are destroyed and buildings to accommodate new functions tertiary higher (seat of companies, banks, luxury shops ...) are erected.

Architects, urban planners and landscape of the Parisian agency "Interscène" conduct missions since 2007 in Hanoi. Their objective is to assess the remarkable heritage and to propose development policies aimed at preserving the quality of urban public spaces, parks and lakes. A precise inventory of buildings and to protect green space is being implemented in collaboration with the Vietnamese team in charge of the project. This inventory will form the basis of a reflection on the development mode to advocate, then a backup plan and regulations to monitor the activity and its construction in the area will be offered.

This study is still ongoing. The French and their Vietnamese partners conducted a census of buildings typological approach located within the perimeter of the study. It remains now to be submitted to the People's Committee of Hanoi, combining a subtle enhancement of the architectural heritage of the area and its protection. The ultimate goal is to keep the originality and uniqueness of the buildings without restricting its use.

- Looping to create landscaping in the french quarter
- Sketch of the street facades of Tran Quoc Toan

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