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vufo July 5th, 2009 12:10 PM

Transportation Development Survey
When JICA began this project a variety of international organizations had already provided transportation-related assistance to Vietnam. However, most of this assistance focused primarily on the development of facilities, and benefits had been limited. The country's rapid economic growth had raised transportation demand to a new level, and it was no longer possible to meet local needs simply by building individual facilities. A more advanced, comprehensive, and strategic approach to transportation policy was needed.

JICA Initiatives

The Vietnamese government lacked both the know-how and the basic data required for the formulation of a transportation master plan. JICA therefore began by conducting a large-scale nationwide survey of Vietnam's transportation sector. These efforts produced the first reliable data about flows of people and goods throughout Vietnam. The findings were used to create the framework for a transportation plan to support the future development of a competitive national economy and to prioritize individual projects. This comprehensive study of transportation systems in Vietnam focused not only on economic and financial aspects, but also considered other factors, including environmental impacts, the benefits in terms of poverty reduction, and the impact on relocated residents.

Traditionally, transportation-related assistance has been categorized according to the modes of transportation: road, rail, shipping, and aviation. This program, however, led to the creation of a sector-wide vision for the future development of Vietnam's transportation network from the perspective of people who actually use the network. For the first time, the country was able to perfect a comprehensive transportation plan, which has since been used as the basis for state planning.

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