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vufo July 5th, 2009 11:40 AM

Localizing the Millennium Development Goals in Vietnamese Cities
1. Background and Objectives

In Vietnam, the global MDG targets and indicators have been adapted to by introducing the Vietnam Development Goals (VDGs). The VDGs include additional goals on reducing vulnerability, improving governance for poverty reduction, reducing ethnic inequality and ensuring pro-poor infrastructure. The goal of promoting gender equality is refined by including two additional targets on reducing vulnerability of women to domestic violence and enhancing women’s access to land and credit. These VDGs have been recognised globally as a best practice.

These goals have been embedded in the national Socio-Economic Development Plans (SEDP) 2006-10. Many cities have also followed the framework of the SEDP to prepare development plans of their own.

Partner: Association of Cities in Vietnam

2. Activities

The main activities include:

* Preparation of a report on VDG status in 10 selected cities where local MDG Profiles have been prepared based on these indicators, thereby providing an assessment of the existing status of MDGs in the local context;

* National Workshop on Localising MDGs was held in October 2006 intended to raise greater awareness on VDGs and their targets through a National Workshop targeted at central government agencies, local authorities and all other stakeholders. This is crucial in making a compelling case for action to enable the creation of a supportive environment to achieve MDGs at local level. The VDG profiles, prepared in the first phase of activity were presented during the national workshop;

* Monitoring and Evaluation System for VDGs at local level. Being pilot tested in the city of Danang;

* National reporting and replication.

3. Results (2008)

* Developed 10 city profiles;

* Built capacity of ACVN as platform for information dissemination to Vietnamese Cities;

* Development M and E systems for Vietnamese cities on MDGs;

* Development of CDS proposals for Viet Tri and Quang Nam.

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