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vufo July 8th, 2009 02:47 PM

Study of integration of villages in the proposed new urban sector Tây Hồ Tây
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Head of study: Christine Larousse (planner)

Assistants Interns: Anne Chapalain and Aurélie Jehanno (isura Rennes), Julien Meisel, Momoko Tojo and Benjamin Villard (IFU)

On a site intended to host a new international service to Hanoi, the demand of the popular committee was looking for an integration of existing villages in the new urban responding to a triple problematic heritage (preservation and enhancement of sites of worship and communal life of villages), social (adaptation of activities and products of traditional villages with expectations of international tourism) and environmental (flood prevention, improvement of drinking water network, development of alternative modes of transport to the Automobile and motorcycle).

Diagnostic studies were performed on each of these issues by students in urban planning. They were then allowed to propose a development site that preserves the villages and their life while making use of economic and tourism expected the new urban center. In addition, a voluntary educational approach was adopted to raise awareness among Vietnamese professionals to take into account sustainable development objectives in the implementation of a development project. This study is a first example of an alternative mode of urban sprawl by the clean slate and real estate transactions of great magnitude that currently dominates in Hanoi.

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