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From Wikipedia:

Hanoi Capital Region or Hanoi Metropolitan Area (Vietnamese: Vng Thủ Đ H Nội) is a metropolitan area currently planning by the government of Vietnam. This metropolitan area was created by decision 490/QD-TTg dated May 5, 2008 of the Prime Minister of Vietnam. Hanoi will be the core city of this metropolitan area. Other component parts will include provinces: H Ty, Vĩnh Phc, Hưng Yn, Bắc Ninh, Hải Dương, H Nam and Ha Bnh with an area of 13,436 km, half of the size of Greater Ho Chi Minh City, the same for population size planning.

As H Ty as been merged into Hanoi by a resolution of the National Assembly of Vietnam in June 2008, this metropolitan area will include Hanoi and six surrounding provinces.

As of 2006, this metropolitan area has a population of 12.462 million, of which, 3.26 million live in urban areas, by 2020, the number will be 14.5-15 and 8.1-9.2 million respectively.
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