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Old July 11th, 2009, 08:18 AM
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Default 3R-HN project


To realize the “Sound Material-Cycle Society” in Hanoi City, by introducing and spreading source separation/recycling of organic waste and 3R actions. The “Sound Material-Cycle Society” is the society where 1) the consumption of natural resources is minimized, and 2) the environmental load is reduced as much as possible.

Main activities of 3R-HN project

1. Compilation of “3R-HN plan”
Organize “3R Stars Hanoi” Meetings

2. Source separation collection
Implement in 4 wards: Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen Du, Thanh Cong, Lang Ha
* Produce households garbage bins, collection containers for organic and inorganic wastes
* Produce source separation instruction tools
* Implementation of source separation
* Survey on solid waste management conditions

3. Compost production & Securement/Expansion of demand
* Improvement of compost plan
* Improvement of composting process
* Production of compost
* Compost analysis & survey on compost demand & expansion

4. Environmental Education & PR activities

4.1. Environmental Education

For primary school pupils
For communities
Waste survey
Using Eco-bag for daily shopping
Study Tour
Mottainai list

4.2. PR activities

PR tools
* Flyer
* Poster
* Banner
* Panel
* T-shirt
* Magnet badges
* Eco-bag
* Calendar
* Stickers
* 3R song CD
* DVD Karaoke, DVD comedy

Adversting program

TVCM advertising on VTV1/VTV3: from 01/09/2007-10/09/2007
TVCM advertising on HTV: from 11/09/2007-20/09/2007
TV program: January, 2008
Newspaper Advertisment: January, 2008

5. Capacity development of URENCO (at individual and organization level)
December, 2006: 3R-HN project started

In 2008,...

On January, 14, 2008, 3R-HN project and UCI coordinated to hold `Use Cau Dien compost for agriculture and safe farming conference` at Nam Hong commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi.

On January, 18, 2008, customer conference also was carried out at Cau Dien compost plan. In this conference, present and potential customers of Cau Dien compost had their ideas and highly appreciated this product.

On January, 18, 2008, 3R-HN project combined with Newsonline to carry out art photograph competition with topic `3R for our life`. Purpose of this competition is to find the beauty of 3R activities in usual life of Hanoi People.

On January, 25 and 28, 2008 PMU 3R-HN, Enterprise II and III combined with PC of Phan Chu Trinh ward and Nguyen Du ward to hold six months meeting of 3R activities in this two ward.

On February, 1, 2008, a live television programme on 3R activities broadcasted at 20h00 in which there were the representation of URENCO and JICA Vietnam.

From 1st to 3rd of March, 2008, 3R-HN project took part in eco product international fair (EPIF 2008). Beside 3R-HN booth, the project equipped 5 waste collection points at this fair with dissemination of 3R volunteers.

On March, 14, 2008, `3R movement in Hanoi` program was broadcasted at 21h35 to 22h on VTV1.

On March, 15, 2008, the 3rd 3R star meeting was carried out at Hanoi Children palace with participation of 60-70 delegates from related-sector –department, unit, companies.

On March, 15, 2008, from 09h00 to 16h00 at Hanoi Children Palace took place Mottainai Fair. At there, Hanoi people can exchange old things but also can be used. The most beautiful photos of 3R art photograph competition was showed at this fair.

On March, 22, 2008, organization committee of 3R art photograph competition with topic `3R for our life` launched on January, 18, 2008, gave a prize for 6 winners. This competition attracted more than 200 people to participate with 260 photographs.

In 2007,...

17th February, 2007: at Opera House square, Hanoi People’s Committee and 3R-HN project PMU co-organized the Kick-off event for 3R-HN project “3R Initiative in Hanoi city to contribute to the development of a Sound Material-Cycle Society”

24th June, 2007: at MOD hotel, 3R-HN project PMU organized “Launching of source separation at Phan Chu Trinh ward”

1st July, 2007: Source separation was first implemented at 1800 households in Phan Chu Trinh ward area

23rd July, 2007: at Thong Nhat park, 3R-HN project PMU organized “Launching of source separation at Nguyen Du ward”

1st August 2007: Source separation was first implemented at more than 1800 households in Nguyen Du ward area

11th -12th Aug 2007, 3R-HN project organized one 3R booth at “The 5th Vietnam-Japan cultural festival days” at Hoi An.

20th Aug 2007, Ms. Tokiko KATO, Goodwill ambassador of UNEP participated community meeting at PCT People’s committee and presented eco-bags for 20 households who joined waste survey program.

26th-30th Sep 2007, It was the first time Cau Dien compost made from separated organic waste participated AgroViet2007 and achieved Golden Cup (at No.2 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Hanoi).

26th Oct- 1st Nov 2007, 3R-HN project continued to participante Greenweek Exhibiton VI, and achieved Golden Cup for the project and Golden Medal for Cau Dien compost (at 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi).

12th Nov-23rd Nov 2007, Project organized the training course for counterparts and some officers at district and ward level in Japan. Objective of this training course was to study experiences of solid waste management of Japan.

13th Nov-29th Nov 2007, Environmental Education about 3R was implemented at 3 primary schools (Tay Son, Ly Tu Trong and Vo Thi Sau).

13th Nov 2007, 3R-HN project started testing the productivity of Cau Dien compost for cultivating safe vegetables at Nam Hong, Dong Anh District, Hanoi. Three kinds of vegetables (kale, kohlrabi, cabbage) have been under testing at different beds with different proportion of compost.

1st Dec 2007, 3R volunteers Club was officially established with more or less than 90 members who come from different high schools and universities. The organization structure of 3R Club includes Board of Management and 3 Group: Source separation; Environmental Education; and PR & Events.

18th Dec 2007, Project coordinated with Department of Education & Training to organize the awarding ceremony of 3R Environmental Education program at Tay Son primary school, to evaluate & improve the program and give the awards for the best school, the best teachers during the implementation of 3R education.

22nd Dec 2007, Project and Urenco 2 & Urenco 3 organized the Contest namely “Smile Check” for collection workers and drivers at 2 model areas PCT and ND


Ms. Le Minh Ngoc

PR Executive
3R Hanoi Office
Address: No.18 Cao Ba Quat Str, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
Tel: (84-4) 733.15.61 / Fax: (84-4) 733.1561
Hand-phone number: (098) 201. 4485
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Old July 11th, 2009, 08:23 AM
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Default Introduce about PR and Environmental Education Unit

1. Background

Raising awareness of the Hanoi citizens is essential factor to introduce SS and reduce amount of the waste. Proper introduction of SS and 3R cannot be realized without Hanoi citizens’ various support. To meet the nowadays need of the waste management, URENCO could renew the frame work of the business.

[view attachment]

2. Purpose for establishing the Public Relation Unit

(1) To reduce amount of the waste (-30% of landfill waste)

<Awareness rising of Hanoi Citizen on 3R and Sanitation>

- Strengthening Publicity of URENCO

- Caring out Environmental Education activity (Non formal & Informal Education)

<Partnership Building among Stakeholders on 3R>
- Supporting Hanoi citizens’ 3R activities

3. Activities of the PR Unit

(1) Publicity

a. Issuing press release monthly

b. Maintaining URENCO and 3R-HN internet website

c. Producing PR tools (leaflets, T-shirts, stickers, etc)

d. Holding press meeting

(2) Planning and Implementation of the PR

a. Launching ceremony in Thanh Cong (June)

b. Launching ceremony in Lang Ha (July)

c. Hoi An Festival (August)

d. Vietnam – Japan 35th Anniversary event

e. Mottainai Fair (1st in September)

f. Mottainai Fair (2nd in February)

g. URENCO’s PR events

(3) Partnership Building among Stakeholders on 3R

a. Coordination of the 3R stars

b. Organizing 3R Partners

(4) Supporting Hanoi citizens’ 3R activities

a. Making and Maintaining an internet registration system

b. Issuing membership cards

c. Providing 3R rubber rings

d. To coordinate collaboration of the related organizations such as 3R Volunteers Club, Women’s Union, Youth Union, schools, supportive private companies, etc

e. Supporting the 3R Partners’ Projects

(Video program production, Radio Program Production - Broadcast from ward speakers, Mottainai Fair, Website development, Issuing 3R Newsletters (Monthly, A3 size))

(5) Promoting Environmental Education (Informal and non formal education)

a. Mobile Cinema service
b. Operation of the EE center in CDCP and Nam Son SWM Complex.
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