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VIAP Vietnam Institute of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning - Ministry of Construction

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Default About the VIAP

I. Institute’s name: Vietnam Institute of Architecture and Urban and Rural Planning

Headquarter No1: 10 Hoa Lu – Hai Ba Trung – Ha Noi – Viet Nam
Headquarter No2: 389 Doi Can – Ba Dinh – Ha Noi – Viet Nam

Tel. 04 22206792 - 04 2221088804
Fax: 04 39764 339 - 04 37629 689

II. Permits of establishment

- Decree No. 178/2007/ND-CP dated on December 3, 2007 issued by the government on defining the functions, tasks and organizational structures of ministries and ministerial-level agencies

- Decree No. 17/2008/ND-CP dated on February 4, 2008, issued by the government on defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of Construction

- Decision No 315/QD-TTg dated on March 24, 2008 issued by Governmental Prime Minister on State organization under the Ministry of Construction.

- Decision No 477/QD-BXD dated on April 2, 2008 issued by Minister of Construction on founding and defining the functions, tasks and organizational structures of Vietnam Institute of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning.

III. Functions:

Vietnam Institute of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning is a State organization under Ministry of Construction which has following functions: organizing scientific research; applying technological advances to serve governmental management in the fields of architecture, physical planning; conducting research on preservation, museum and development of Vietnamese architecture; carrying out research on physical planning; organizing training courses, enhancing the quality of cadres, co-operating with foreign countries and propagating information on technological science in the fields of architecture, physical planning; doing consultative activities; business and production in construction, architecture and physical planning.

IV. Rights and duties

1. Setting 5-year plans and annual plans and arranging to implement the plan, working task of the institute, working out projects and science research plans, applying the technical advances, developing and transferring technology in the fields of architecture, physical planning and infrastructure.

2. Conducting basic research on architecture, physical planning including: architectural theory and criticism and physical planning; the development history of architecture and urban development in Vietnam and in the world; repairing, restoring and preserving traditional and ancient architecture; constructing and developing Vietnam Architectural Museum;

3. Implementing the tasks of supporting government management on architecture, physical planning and infrastructure assigned by Minister of Construction or state agencies, including:

3.1 - Conducting research and proposing orientation, strategy, policies on restoration and development of Vietnam architecture; policies, development overall planning of national urban system; mechanism, policies on urban development, infrastructure development, housing and other kinds of architectural buildings;

3.2 - Building database system, carrying out research on methodology, systematization of standards and regulations on architecture, physical planning and infrastructure in the country and in the world; doing research, compiling, applying standards and regulations in physical planning, planning on infrastructure as well as standardization and typicalization in architectural design and construction

3.3 - Researching, proposing and participating in compilation of legal documents on architecture, physical planning and technical infrastructure

3.4 - Researching, making projects on physical planning, infrastructure planning for regions in the Vietnam territory, interprovincial regions, key economical regions, special cities, 1st –class cities; 2nd –class cities, new interprovincial urban quarters, important international border gates, high technology zones, specific economic zones.

3.5 - Researching, proposing integration of environmental planning in physical planning, infrastructure planning

4. Organizing development research and applied research in the fields of architecture, physical planning, infrastructure including: architectural design; landscape architecture; interior and exterior decoration; regional physical planning; urban physical planning; physical planning of rural residential areas; urban design; development of infrastructure; environment in architecture and construction... to ensure sustainable development, which is suitable to natural conditions, climate, society and economy, history, culture of each village, region throughout the whole country

5. Investigating, surveying, collecting, synthesizing, managing stored data and providing information, documents in the fields of architecture, physical planning, infrastructure

6. Publishing Vietnam architectural journal, journal of physical planning and some other materials on architecture; physical planning; summarizing theory and reality; organizing forums for exchanging opinions and information on activities in the fields of architecture, physical planning

7. Training M.A and Ph.D students in architecture; training and improving the ability of staffs doing research, consultative work, architectural design, physical planning and supporting the issue of practice certificates on architecture, physical planning.

8. Co-operating with domestic and foreign organizations on activities of the Institute according to the assigned tasks

9. Implementing consultative activities, technical services, production and business in construction, architecture, physical planning and infrastructure, including:

9.1 - Consulting regional physical planning; urban physical planning; physical planning of rural residential areas; planning on infrastructure, urban design; consulting the projects of urban upgrading

9.2 - Consulting investment projects, consulting construction investment projects of the building, construction survey, design of buildings; inspecting technical designs, detailed design and making a general estimation of the buildings

9.3 - Consulting bids, advising project management, managing investment expenditures on the construction of the building, supervising the quality of construction and equipment installation of civil buildings, industrial buildings and infrastructure buildings; inspecting the quality of construction; checking, surveying the quality of the buildings; assessing quality suitability of the buildings.

9.4 - Surveying maps, monitoring effects of land, water, air; making a report on assessing environmental effects concerning physical planning project, architectural buildings, infrastructure ones.

9.5 - Implementing experimental construction; consulting, receiving, applying and transferring new technology in making and managing physical planning, designing and constructing the buildings;

9.6 - Bidding and constructing new buildings, repairing, restoring, executing the interior and exterior design of the buildings; designing, implementing restoration, repairing, rehabilitating, preserving monuments, traditional and ancient architectural works

9.7 - Producing, importing and exporting, and trading in products, materials, facilities, equipments for the finish and interior and exterior decoration of the buildings

10. Managing staffs, implementing salary policy, well treating, reward, discipline and other policies for staffs in accordance with the levels controlled by the Institute

11. Managing the finance, commissioned properties and Institute’s profitable activities according to the laws

12. Doing other tasks assigned by Minister of Construction

V. Organizational structure

Leaders of VIAP:

Dr.Arch Nguyen Dinh Toan - Director

Arch Ngo Trung Hai, MA – Deputy director

Eng. Pham Xuan Tu - Deputy director

Dr. Arch Le Thi Bich Thuan – Deputy director

Departments and centres under the VIAURP

1. General office
2. Personnel department
3. Marketing department
4. Department of finance and accounting
5. Department of scientific and technical management
6. Research department of Architectural and Planning theory and criticism
7. Research department of urban development and architectural buildings
8. Centre for training and international cooperation
9. Research department of Architectural history
10. Research department of construction standardization
11. Research department of construction typicalization
12. Department of IT for construction planning
13. Department of GIS appliance
14. Centre for Physical Planning No1
15. Centre for Physical Planning No2
16. Centre for Physical Planning No3
17. Centre for Physical Planning No4
18. Centre for rural development planning
19. Centre for transferring technology of physical planning
20. Centre for urban design
21. Centre for surveying and mapping
22. Centre for research and planning on urban and rural environment
23. Research centre for monument restoration and architectural museum
24. Centre for Architectural consultancy and construction investment
25. Centre for technical management and construction inspection
26. Centre for architectural and fine arts implementation
27. Centre for Central region urban and rural planning
28. Centre for Central region architecture
29. Centre for Southern region architecture
30. Sub-institute of Southern region urban and rural planning
31. Journal of physical planning
32. Vietnam architectural journal
33. Management board of the investment project on construction of Institute head office
34. Management board of projects on physical planning

VI. Experiences on management

Together with the system of organizing closely scientific research activities, united cycle of quality management, Institute of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning has implemented annually many scientific research projects at State, ministerial and industrial level, applied to the buildings in different sizes, even national enormous buildings. It is a great honour for the Institute to participate in setting up design tasks and designing the National convention centre, making the project and designing the Cultural village of Vietnam ethnic groups as well as implementing general bids for many important buildings, political and cultural complex in provinces such as: Bac Ninh, Hau Giang, Ba Ria- Vung Tau, Son La, Office of Central Committee of Vietnamese Communist Party etc…

VII. Architectural and Planning Awards

+ Symbol of the Exhibition entitled “Hanoi Architecture, Traditional and Modern” – The first prize of design competition in Paris 2001

+ House of culture in Northern mountainous area – The first award in the competition 2001 organized by Vietnam Association of Architects

+ Head office of Bac Ninh people’s committee and people’s council – National Architecture Award 2002

+ Vehicle Shed above the River – Award “Our idea and life” organized by newspaper Labour 2002

Awards for architectural competition in recent years

+ Head office of Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment” – The first award in the competition organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

+ Kinh Bac cultural centre - The first prize in the competition organized by Ministry of culture and information, Bach Ninh people’s committee

+ Hau Giang administrative centre - The first prize in the competition organized by Hau Giang people’s committee

+ Da Nang information and cultural centre - The first prize in the competition organized by Da Nang people’s committee

+ Planning of Phuong Hoang high-grade commercial and tourist urban quarter in Mong Cai, Quang Ninh - The first prize in the competition organized by Quang Ninh people’s committee

+ Headquarter of Ministry of Finance - The second prize in the competition organized by Ministry of Finance
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