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Hearst Tower - green building in New York
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Date :06 Tháng 4 2009
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This is the Hearst Tower and the view from the 46 stories building near Columbus Circle. Hearst Tower is a \"green building\" the first building to receive a Gold LEED certified rating for \"core and shell and interiors\" in New York City. * Over 90% of structural steel contains recycled material * The cost of foreign-sourced materials represents less than 10% of the cost of the construction of the Tower itself. * The \"diagrid\" frame of the Tower contains roughly 20% less steel than would a conventional perimeter frame ‹ saving approximately 2,000 tons of steel. * The waterfall inside uses water collected as rainfall. * Each triangle in the diagrid is four stories tall, or 54 feet. * Daylight sensors to control lighting and reduce energy use The environmentally conscious approach began prior to construction. When demolishing the interior portions of the existing, six-story structure, Hearst and its team of building professionals went to great lengths to collect and separate recyclable materials. As a result, about 85 percent of the original structure was recycled for future use. Hearst executives also selected an innovative type of glass that wraps around the exterior of the building. The glass has a special \"low-E\" coating that allows for internal spaces to be flooded with natural light while keeping out the invisible solar radiation that causes heat. Hearst also will utilize technology that senses activity level. At lunchtime, when some employees are leaving or not using their computers, motion sensors will detect this and adjust the system accordingly. These sensors will allow for lights and computers to be turned off when a room is vacant. In addition, Hearst is using high efficiency heating and air-conditioning equipment that will utilize outside air for cooling and ventilation for 75 percent of the year, as well as Energy Star appliances. These and other energy-saving features are expected to increase energy efficiency by 22 percent compared to a standard office building. This is a welcome innovation in New York City, where rapidly growing electricity demand is threatening to overwhelm the local power supply. Hearst is also employing pioneering technologies in order to conserve and more efficiently use water. For example, Hearst\'s roof has been designed to collect rainwater, which reduces the amount of water dumped into the City\'s sewer system during rainfall by 25 percent. The rainwater will then be harvested in one 14,000-gallon reclamation tank located in the basement of the Hearst Tower. The rainwater is used to replace water lost to evaporation in the office air-conditioning system. It also feeeds into a special pumping system to irrigate plantings and trees inside and outside of the building. It is expected that the captured rain will produce about half of the watering needs. The harvested water also is utilized for \"Icefall,\" a three-story, sculpted water feature within the building\'s grand atrium. In addition to serving as a stunning entrance to the building, Icefall, which is believed to be the nation\'s largest sustainable water feature, also serves an environmental function by serving to humidify and chill the atrium lobby as necessary. Workstations and offices are furnished with desks, chairs and other furniture that is formaldehyde free. Concrete surfaces are furnished with low toxicity sealants. See more pictures and make new connections on - a network connecting thousands of individuals and businesses. Browse New York exclusive events on CALENDAR, write on the FORUM and read and post classifieds about rents, jobs and other opportunities. IT IS ALL FREE! Check it out on [More] [Less]
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