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vufo July 5th, 2009 11:48 AM

Mekong Transport and Flood Protection Project
This Project Paper seeks the approval of the Executive Directors to provide an Additional Finance to Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the Mekong Transport and Flood Protection Project. The additional financing would enable the project to: (i) meet the original project objectives by completing the remaining 58 km of road rehabilitation works under the Mekong Delta Network Improvement (MDNI) sub-component; and (ii) finance expanded activities to enhance the project's development impact by constructing the Ganh Hao II (GH2) Bridge located in Ca-Mau city, which connects road sections of the on-going IDA-financed investments on National Highway 1 (NH1) under the existing project. These activities are consistent with the project development objectives, though the GH2 Bridge is additional to the scope of works in the original project.

The following project was approved today by the World Bank's Board:

CREDIT AMOUNT: IDA - US$110 million equivalent
TERMS: Grace period=10 years; Maturity=40 years
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project will rehabilitate road sections, including widening and raising of road embankment, pavement, culverts, and bridges; construction of bypasses, etc. Widening the existing roads may destroy vegetation and wildlife habitats. A compensation reforestation program to plant trees in the barren land areas will be implemented to mitigate such impact. Degradation of water quality and disturbance of aquatic habitats due to bridge upgrading at various rivers and canals will cause temporary negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems at the bridge construction sites and surrounding areas. To mitigate river, water, and soil pollution impact created by erosion and waste dumps, disposal of solid waste and waste grease oils from construction equipment should be collected and transported to the provincial disposal sites. Air pollution will be minimized by checking all trucks, vehicles, or construction machines on air emission; watering construction sites for dust control; and covering vehicles transporting construction materials. For more information on this project call Kimberly Versak at (202) 473-4919, or e-mail

For more information, please visit the Projects website:

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