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vufo July 8th, 2009 02:43 PM

The urban fringe of Hanoi
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The urban fringe of Hanoi: current situation and identification of alternative projects of urban development (07 - 09/2005)

Researcher: Marie CHERON, intern IEDES of the IMV

This study provides a better understanding of the dynamics taking place in the nearby suburb of Hanoi. Aspects land, property and environment of the production of new neighborhoods are analyzed in detail. Emphasis is placed on the urban scale of change involved in the construction of large assemblies in the villages existing habitat. The social consequences (displacement, new settlements, loss of farmland village ...) and environmental (urbanization of the landscape, pollution ...) such constructions seem not sufficiently taken into account in current projects. Recommendations are made and the approaches to a form of alternative development on two sites with high potential environmental and tourism (the village of Bat Trang pottery and horticultural area of Tay Tuu).

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