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vufo July 8th, 2009 03:00 PM

Training in Urban Landscape
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Instructor: Christine LAROUSSE - Planner

(06 - 10/11/2006)

The trainees:

30 planners and architects from various technical institutions of national and provincial Department of Planning and Architecture of Hanoi, National Institute of Urban and Rural Development (Inpure) of the Ministry of Construction Authority for the development of transport public and subway Hanoi, Institute for Urban Development in Hanoi.

The urban landscape is the subject of strong demand from Vietnamese professionals because of the low quality of many urban planning operations and property development which are proliferating at the periphery of cities. They wonder at what stage of development of town planning involved consideration of the urban landscape and how to apply by promoters measures.

Ms. Larousse presented methodological elements of the urban landscape with emphasis on its multidisciplinary France (formation of teams of planners, architects and landscape), thus postponing the Anglo-Saxon model of the urban designer. She emphasized the need to incorporate the requirement of urban landscape in all scales and in particular the city as early as possible in the city plans to reduce then the landscaping needs of the ill connected between them. These methods were illustrated by concrete examples in Paris (Reuilly neighborhoods and Bercy), Canada (landscape plan of the city of Montreal) and Hanoi (integration of villages in the project Tây Hồ Tây).

During the last two days, trainees were divided into two groups of workshop to make a diagnosis of the urban landscape in the old quarter of Hanoi and french make recommendations for its preservation and enhancement. The results obtained showed a very good know-how transferred by the trainer. The training was also an opportunity for exchanges between the French urban planner and his colleagues in Vietnam on different conceptions of heritage and landscape of Hanoi in the western and eastern cultures.

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