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vufo July 17th, 2009 03:03 PM

World Congress of the Renewable City
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World Congress of the Renewable City (with UIA ARES Programme and Nikos Fintikakis participation) - transformed to combat climate change and the fossil fuel emergency.

The planetary climate crisis challenges us to take new approaches. We have decided to help reduce the rising carbon emissions and kerosene waste associated with large international conferences and take a new path. We will stage the conference in partnerships, both on-line and in real venues, to boost efficiency. All conference contributions will be featured on this site, and we will provide access to resources in the Renewable City field in this way.

From September 2009 this site will be accessible as - and form the home of a new network organisation, the World Congress of the Renewable City. The WCRC will seek partnerships with other initiatives and events to synergise - and contribute to conferencing efficiency, reducing redundancy and global air travel madness, and focus on sharing information efficiently and at a lower cost.

Please stand by for the new Congress date, to coincide with the Shanghai World Expo 2010. It will be held both as a real and virtual, on-line event.

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