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vufo July 15th, 2009 11:27 PM

Hanoi Metro Rail System Project
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Preparing the Hanoi Metro Rail System Project
(Technical Assistance Reports)

- Vice President : C. Lawrence Greenwood, Jr., Operations Group 2

- Director General
: R. Nag, Southeast Asia Department (SERD)

- Director : J. Cooney, Infrastructure Division, SERD

- Team leader : H. Jenny, Senior Urban Development Specialist, SERD

- Team members :

G. Atay, Principal Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
C. Bellinger, Senior Guarantee and Syndication Specialist, Office of Cofinancing Operations
H. Brooke, Senior Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
E. Cudilla, Senior Project Assistant, SERD
J. Everett, Young Professional, SERD
Y.L. Feng, Principal Environment Specialist, SERD
M. Huddleston, Senior Social Development/Resettlement Specialist, SERD
J. Leather, Transport Specialist, Regional and Sustainable Development Department (RSDD)
A. Mehta, Financial Management Specialist, RSDD
A. Samoza, Associate Project Analyst, SERD
M. Sultana, Social Development Specialist, SERD
Le Dinh Thang, Project Implementation Officer, Viet Nam Resident Mission


1. The Government of Viet Nam (the Government) sees public transport and inter-modal transport as key elements of its urban transport strategy that will help restrain the use of private vehicles and improve urban livability and the urban environment.

2. During the 2006 Country Programming Mission, the Government requested the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for a project preparatory technical assistance (PPTA) to identify project financing arrangements to complement ongoing and anticipated financing provided under French bilateral assistance for the Hanoi Metro Rail System Project.1 The PPTA is
included in the 2007–2010 country partnership strategy for Viet Nam.

3. ADB pre-fact-finding missions2 visited Hanoi in May and July 2006. The missions reviewed the feasibility study for the Hanoi light rapid transit (LRT) pilot line prepared under French Government assistance and confirmed the rationale for a LRT system in Hanoi. A mission was fielded in August 2006 to undertake fact-finding for the PPTA. Preliminary environmental and social and resettlement reviews were undertaken, resulting in an initial classification as category A for resettlement, A/B for environment, and C for indigenous people.

The latter mission held discussions with various government agencies,3 the French Economic Mission, Agence Française de Développement (AFD), World Bank, and the Hanoi Integrated Development and Environment Program (HAIDEP). A memorandum of understanding between the Hanoi Authority for Tram and Public Transport Development Management (HATD) of the Hanoi’s Peoples Committee and ADB was signed on 21 September 2006. This reflected the latest findings of the mission and the understandings reached with the Government on the objectives, impact, outcome, output,4 scope, cost, implementation arrangements, and terms of reference for the PPTA.

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