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vufo July 21st, 2009 11:38 PM

First intíl Salsa festival in Vietnam
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Salsa dancers from many countries and Vietnamese salsa fans will group up at the first Salsa Holidays from July 30 to August 1 at Sheraton Hotel, Hanoi.

Salsa entered Vietnam several years ago and has quickly developed. In the first international Salsa festival in Vietnam, fans will see the presence of three special foreign guests, who will perform with international and Vietnamese dancers.

The first is Gupson Pierre from Canada, Chairman of Attitude Dance Studio. This is a leading dancer in the world and a talented trainer who has won many prizes at highly-reputed dance competitions in the world.

The second is Sharon Parkir from Australia, a lecturer of the Salsa Melbourne Institute, who has taught Salsa in many famous dance centres worldwide.

And the third is Reyno from Indonesia, who is the founder of the Salsa Fresca and the champion of the Salsa Indonesia Championship.

Besides enjoying impressive shows by international and Vietnamese Salsa dancers, Salsa Holidays will be a chance for young people to register for Salsa courses taught by famous foreign dancers.


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