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Default Property titles easier to obtain with new laws

Small changes in new laws effective August 1 will make obtaining house and land titles a shorter and simpler process, according to an official.

Basically, the procedure will follow the same steps as before but with simpler paperwork, Phung Van Nghe, head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Land Management General Department, told Thanh Nien Thursday.

Nghe said that by merging certain parts of the process, the whole procedure would now take 50 days at most, instead of 55 days as before.

According to the amendments of both laws, residents will be granted one title for both their land and house.

Guidance for the implementation of the amended laws will come later in August, Nghe said, adding that it wouldn’t affect much as there’s little new about the procedures.

While waiting for the guidance, he said officials can still receive and review applications from residents.

He said the instructions would be issued together with the new title forms, which legitimate land and house owners could then receive right away.

Organizations, foreigners or overseas Vietnamese investing in land and houses would still submit their applications at provincial land registration offices. Vietnamese individuals must apply for titles at their district Department of Natural Resources and Environment or their commune People’s Committees.

Reported by An Nguyen / Thanh Nien
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