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Default Resettlement plan

The objective of the resettlement policy for Urban Water Supply Development Project in Vietnam is to ensure that all project affected persons (PAP'S) will be compensated for their losses at replacement cost and provided with rehabilitation measures to assist them to improve, or at least maintain, their pre-project living standards and income earning capacity. Some of the negative impacts and their mitigation measures are as follows:

1) acquisition of land and other assets, and resettlement of people will be minimized as much as possible;

2) all PAPs residing, working, doing business or cultivating land within the recovered area under the Project as of the cut-of-date are entitled to be provided with rehabilitation measures sufficient to assist them to improve or at least maintain their pre-Project living standards, income earning capacity and production levels. Lack of legal rights to the assets lost will not bar the PAPs from entitlement to such rehabilitation measures;

3) replace premise and agricultural land will be as nearby as possible to the land that was lost, and acceptable to the PAP. In case of minor fractions of land cash compensation may apply;

4) plans for acquisition of land and other assets and provision of rehabilitation measures will be carried out in consultation with the PAPs to ensure minimal disturbance. Entitlements will be provided to PAPs no later than one month prior to expected start-up of works at the respective project site.
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