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Default Sustainable Settlement in Urban Development of Hanoi, Vietnam

Nguyen To Lang, Associate Professor, PhD.
Hanoi Architectural University, Hanoi, Vietnam

In the process of country renovation with the international integration, Hanoi Capital in particular has been developing rapidly in quality and also in scale. Increasing needs of housing, therefore, require sustainable development settlement areas. The development of new town has partly met the demand of increasing inhabitants and limited land in cities.

Many new towns in Hanoi have been currently planned and invested. New technology has been applied in construction to create completed residential areas in good quality. In general, the strong development of new residential areas gains relatively many achievements. The initial research, however, is not deep and comprehensive enough. The relationship and spatial planning in the whole region are not carefully examined. The architecture design is not completely suitable with Vietnam climate and aesthetic of Vietnamese people. There is no unified standard of design of high-rise buildings that causes much inadequateness and needs further researches.

This paper will preliminarily examine new towns quality and propose some points of view for construction of new towns in Hanoi, that help to build sustainable new towns in the urban development process of Hanoi Capital.

Key words: New town; Settlement; Urban development.
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