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1. Hanoi in Brief

Hanoi is the political, cultural, socio-economic and commercial centre of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Being the Capital and the “City for Peace” recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Hanoi is preparing to celebrate its 1,000 years anniversary in 2010. During the time, Hanoi continuously and rapidly developed in all aspects, including housing, from its structure, form to the quality of the people’s life.

Hanoi lies in the centre of the Red river Delta in the North of Vietnam, at from 20025’ to 21023’ North latitude and from 105044’ to 106002’ East longitude, with an area of 920.97 square kilometres and the population of 3,007,500 inhabitants (surveyed data in 2003). The Hanoi metropolitan comprises 9 urban (inner-city) and 5 suburban districts. The population of the inner-city is 1,744,400 inhabitants (58 percent of the total) and the area occupies for only 13 percent (approximately 120 square kilometres) while the suburban part has 1,263,100 inhabitants with the land area of 87 percent of the whole city. In 2003, Hanoi’s total housing floor areas increased to 20 million square metres, showing a 35 percent increase from the 15 million square metres in 1999. In Hanoi’s urban areas, the housing floor area was estimated at 11.7 million square metres, or a remarkable increase of nearly 60 percent from 7.5 million square metres.

Hanoi’s housing floor area per capita is 7.5 square metres today, and might attain 9 - 10 square metres in 2010 by newly construction of 6 million square metres housing floor areas from now on.

Together with the country’s socio-economic innovation policy, Vietnam has shifted from subsidized centralized economic mechanism to multi-component “market economy” oriented. This orientation has strongly influenced to socio-economic life and bequeathed distinct hallmarks in all aspects of society, included urban architecture and housing.

Many new towns in Hanoi have been currently planned and invested. New technology has been applied in construction to create completed residential areas in good quality. In general, the strong development of new residential areas gains many achievements. The initial research, however, has not been deep and comprehensive enough. The relationship and spatial planning in the whole region have not been carefully examined. The architecture design has not been completely suitable with Vietnam climate and aesthetic of Vietnamese people. There has been no unified standard of design of high-rise buildings that causes much inadequateness and needs further researches.
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