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3. Some Fundamental Viewpoints for Construction of New Towns in Hanoi

3.1. Investment Viewpoints

It is necessary to determine clearly that investment organizations must be legal economic organization which are permitted to invest in nationwide. They are recognized and issued business permit by the State to involve in investment projects approved by authorities. Administrative procedures must be simplified and should be solved in one-door office, while land should be legally assigned to appropriate subjects.

Investors are assigned land and construction site by the State, according to plan. Investors are allowed to organize land and property compensation while constructing new towns conformed with city planning. They have right to sell or hire the rest of housing and public facilities at market price to gain benefit, after
contributing to housing stock of the city as an obligation.

Investor have to fulfill obligation of paying all kind of taxes, compensating land clearance cost, contributing part of the flats to the City according to the rules. These flats will be re-distributed to resettled inhabitants by preferential price.

Investor should cooperate with other stakeholders to allocate new towns investment from point of views: Do not invest and construct widely spread, but concentratively where have large demand; To give investment preference covering large and continuous area, in order to form town regions of good architectural space; To invest synchronously, where infrastructure system must be done before constructing buildings.

The viewpoint on investment socializing and mobilizing of all social capital sources for new towns construction should be fully awared.

3.2. Viewpoints on Planning and Landscape Architecture

Structural plan of new town must conform with structure of master plan of tow region and the whole city. Spatial planning and landscape architecture of new towns must integrate with landscape architecture of surounded roads and urban areas.

New town should have advantageous structural plan on environment and climate aspects, such as dust resistance, noise resistance, cold wind resistance, ventilation. Conditions of nature, topography, geomorphology, green trees and water, etc. should be utilized.

Techno-economic norms used in design of new towns must be advanced, modern and appropriate with new town structural plan, not be wasteful and old-fashioned. It is important to choose architectural style in new towns. Buildings in new town should be modern and own Hanoi characteristics. Their architectural forms should match with building’s functions, surrounding landscape, tropical climate of Hanoi and function of the new town.

3.3. Viewpoints on Construction

To schedule reasonably sequence of buiding construction in new town on capital sufficiency, construction facilities, etc.

To arrange space in construction site reasonably and scientifically. Do not build temporary huts to serve for constructing works as in the past. To create openwide construction zone which is good chance to support each other in constructing implementation.

Separate residental areas surrounded might be invested selectively. There should be construction guideline for these areas on architectural form and style, and technical infrastructure that are conformable with overall requirement of the city.

When developing new town, technical infrastructure system must be done before constructing public facilities. Technical infrastructure systems must be fully executed, including roads, water supply, electricity supply, water sewerage and sanitary, communication and land clearance.

3.4. Viewpoints on Urban Management

All land in new towns must be owned by legal owners and boundaries for each land parcel must be mapped out, according to land use purposes.

All organizations and individuals must respect and protect the planning of the residential area, must not violate and change structural planning. All buildings which are legally built in new towns must be managed in accordance with approved detailed plan. All kinds of housing must be managed by construction permit and the original architecture must be kept during building’s lifetime.

Apartment owned by many households must be managed as an individual and complete building on architectural aspect. To maintain aesthetic view, apartment’s facades should be painted with the same colour and material.

Villas should be multiform in architecture but ensure harmony in certain area. Self-help housing in parcels which are invested infrastructure or located in renovated area must be guaranteed on location, set back and height. When breaking the ground, the owner must inform the Project Management Unit and Ward People’s Committee.

All organizations and individuals have responsibitity to protect landscape and living environment in new towns. Detailed plan of new towns must be shown on billboards at the main entrances. Roads and parks must be named.

Advertisement boards and outdoor sculptures which affect to landscape architecture must be permitted by Department of Culture and Information, and Department of Planning and Architecture.

Urban environment and sanitary organization is responsible for collecting and carrying waste to rubbish dump of the city daily. Parkings, public toilets and dustbins must be appropriately arranged at public buildings and cultural activitiy points. Parking, discharging waste and dirty water on pavements causing insanitary are banned.

All buildings in new towns, including housing, public buildings, infrastructure facilities must have legal owner or manager (for buildings owned by the whole people) and be managed by law.

3.5. Viewpoints on Operating Management

When construction work was finished, investor hand over responsibility to urban management agencies according to State’s regulations. All buildings in new towns must be properly used in aspects of purpose, function and capacity as approved design.

All organizations and individuals are responsible for preserving and maintaining all buildings, obeying regulations on urban sanitation, keeping social safety and order and timely preventing acts of building sabotage. It is necessary to propose solutions to implement Decree 126 on Fining for urban safety and order violation, and to educate inhabitant’s awareness.

All households in apartments have right to use private area owned by themselves and to share the use of common areas and infrastructure systems such as corridor, stairs, water supply and sewerage, electricity, tele-communication. Owners and managers are responsible for maintaining, repairing buildings as well as legally responsible for consequences of not doing maintenance and repair according to regulation. It is imperative to establish a Management Unit for New Town Operation, following mottoes of Solidarity, highly Socialization and Specialization. At least four members must take part in this management unit (instead of investor at present), they are: Investor, Local authority, Community and Specialist in design and management.
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