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4. Conclusion

Sustainable settlement is an important factor to impulse sustainable urban development. Human settlement is sustainable only when satisfying all requirements of a sustainable developed city. New towns in Hanoi have been rapidly developed in many types and forms, contributing very much in the Capital’s achievements of urban construction in general and residential area construction in particular.

Almost of new towns have been built conforming to planning, modernization oriented, having synchronous infrastructure systems to meet initially the inhabitant’s demands for living, producing and environment improving, and the demand for sustainable urban development. The face of Hanoi architecture is gradually improved, including diversified and modernised architectural styles of housing and public buildings.

Besides, some new towns have not got distinct architectural orientation, but spontanous. Investment has not been synchronous, capital has not been thoroughly mobilized and properly used. Public service buildings are seriously weak and deficient. Urban facilities are insufficient. There are still some weakness in infrastructure systems generally. Constructing quality of new town is not good enough. There are still disadvantages in urban management of all stages: project preparation, land clearance, planning and architecture management, construction management, and especially operation management.

To build completely and stably new towns, it is necessary to express basic viewpoints on all related aspects such as Investment, Planning and landscape architecture, Executing, Constructing and Operation management, or says synchronously from the beginning to the end, in other words.
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