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Default Development Indicator Links

UNDP Human Development Report Data

An interactive database of information collected in the Human Development Reports that allows users to easily compare a wide range of the country's basic indicators internationally. Information is also provided on the contruction of the Human Development Index.

General Statistics Office for Vietnam

Vietnam's resource for monthly data collection. It provides excellent information on trade, output, education, information technology, etc. National census data is also available.

World Bank Country Data Profiles

An overview of development indicators and links to more specific topics like information and communications data, gender and education statistics.

World Health Organization Country Data

A useful source for demographic and health related information including current regional health bulletins.

Ed Stats

Compiled by the World Bank from a variety of resources, this website provides detailed international, regional and national education statistics and related data.

UNICEF: Vietnam at a glance

Statistical information that focuses on health, education, gender and child protection.

International Monetary Fund, "Vietnam Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper, 2004"

United Nations, 2005 Millennium Development Goals Report
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