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List of Tables and Figures

List of Acronyms

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: Capacity Building for the Provision of Public Services

Capacity of individuals to perform job tasks
Structure of the organization and task networks
Institutional context of the public sector and expansion of the task network
Decentralization as a means of increasing capacity
Research Questions

Chapter Three: Environmental Protection & Waste Management Capacity in the Vietnam Context

Present state of municipal solid waste management in major Vietnamese cities
Responsibilities for solid waste management in Vietnam
The development of environmental legislation in Vietnam
Capacity strengths and weaknesses in Vietnamís waste management sector
Capacity building through waste management policy
Inter-agency cooperation
Fiscal and administrative decentralization in Vietnam

Chapter Four: Methodology

Literature review
Key informant interviews
Written questionnaires

Chapter Five: Results & Analysis

Human Resources Capacity
. Job retention
. Adequate training
. Adequate technical assistance
Policy awareness & implementation
Inter-agency and intra-policy cooperation
. Jurisdictional authority
Decentralization of waste management authority
. Support for specific decentralized waste management initiatives

Chapter Six: Discussion & Recommendations

Implications for MONRE
Areas for Further Research


Appendix 1
Questionnaire for Waste-Econ training course participants
Strategy for Management of Solid Waste in Vietnamese Cities and Industrial Parks Till the Year 2020
Interview questions for government agency representatives
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