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Default Urban Environmental Planning Programme in Vietnam

The Role in Networking and Best Practices Sharing in Urban Environmental Planning in Vietnam

Prof. Dr Nguyen Lan
General Secretary of Association of Cities of Vietnam

I. Introduction

Association of cities of Vietnam is appointed to implement the component of Networking cities and Institutions Strengthening (NIS) under the Urban Environment Planning Program UEPP VN by Ministry of Construction and EU. The goal is to improve the environment in cities of Vietnam, focusing on the small gran projects (SGPs) for 10 cities of Mekong Delta Region (MDR). In order to achieve this goal, ACVN implemented such activities as improving the coordination and cooperation between provincial and city authorities, replicating the best practices of the SGPs, supporting and promoting institutional process in the field of urban environment planning.

II. The role of ACVN in Networking and Replecation

2.1. Networking and upscaling best practices, one of ACVNs missions

According to ACVN regulation, ACVN has the key missions as follows

2.1.1 The first mission:

* Organize networking activities and bring profit to members;
* Create condition so that cities and towns can discuss and change information,
* Exchange experience and find cooperation opportunities to develop.

2.1.2 The second mission:

* Collect and submit to the Government, Ministries and Branches about urgent matters and difficulties of cities and towns in urban building, management and development progress as well as inappropriateness about regulations and policies;
* Participate in building regulations, policies and laws related to cities and ACVNs activities.
* Take advantage of support from authorities to ACVNs activities.

2.1.3 The third mission: is to organize trainings or capacity building activities for urban officials and civil servants.

2.1.4 The fourth mission: is to strengthen and widen international cooperation .

2.2. Modes of ACVN for networking and Institution Strengthening

2.2.1 From Resources of members

At present, ACVN has 91 members which are a great resources for networking and Institution Strengthening

1. Workshops to be organized on experience exchange amongst groups of cities with the concerned issues (there exists 8 such groups nationwide). A group can meet twice or three times every year dependent on the needs of members. vin

2. Seminars combined with annual meetings to be organized

3. ACVNs website is upgraded through NIS, and information of SGPs can be updated on the website by ACVN after the end of NIS by June 2009

4. SGP information will be updated on ACVNs Publication. According to the strategy of ACVN, this publication will be upgraded into ACVN Magazine

2.2.2. Through the joint Projects and Programes implemented by ACVN

* Cooperative program between ACVN and AIT
* Cooperative program between ACVN and the Federation Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
* Cooperative projects between ACVN, Asian Centre of Human Rights (ACHR) and Environment Development Action (ENDA) Vietnam
* Cooperating with Word Bank (WB) in training courses for cities on urban environmental management and planning
* Cooperative project between ACVN and Konrad Adenaur Foundation (KAF) Germany funded by EU
* At the same time, ACVN is one of the members of Citynet, UCLG, SEA-UEMA, so ACVN can collect best practices from the countries in the region and disseminate to Vietnam cities.

2.2.3.Participating study tours funded by the State

1. The cities managed to seek for the resources for SGPs upscaling through support from the provinces, cities

2. ACVN will try to seek for projects, prgrams of the State to cooperate with the cities in implementations in urban development

III. Conclusion.

By today NIS has finished in this workshop with the enthusiastic and full participation of delegates from international organizations, central ministries and member cities. This proves their solicitude and the urgency of the issue. With its roles and missions, ACVN will try its best to attract the participation of its members in environment protection for the purpose of more and more green, clean and clear cities and towns. It is expected that by November 11 th 2009, 1 st Anniversary of Vietnam Urban Day, and by the 10 th Anniversary of ACVN, we will have many good news from cities and towns. It is also the sustainabilities of NIS which implemented by ACVN.
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