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Old July 16th, 2009, 03:15 PM
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Default III International Conference on Urban Development of Border Cities

The International Conference on Urban Development of border cities is aimed to exchange knowledge about the social contexts, cultural, political, institutional, economic and environmental in the border areas, which are historical challenges of integration in the Americas.

Its objective is catalyzing experiences, ideas and innovative theories, involving the urban environmental planning and management solutions providing for cities and regions of international borders.

The Conference had two previous editions (2004 and 2006) realized in Brazil, the cities of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul and Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná.

The accomplishment of the conference is biennial and, from 2011, should occur in cities in other countries of the Americas.

The third edition (2009), for the second time, will take place in the city of Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná.

The III Conference is held in two (2) presential moments, namely in May, 2009 (first time) and in August 2009 (second time).

The first time - pre-conference - will take the form of a "Regional Seminar", with lectures given by guests and the second will have the character of "International Conference", which, in addition to magna conferences, will include the presentation of scientific papers by participants.

For further informations:

+55 41 3336-3810 +55 41 9968-7877

+55 41 3243-6464

Executive Desk
Alvo Eventos
45 3025-2121

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- Political and Institutional Aspects

1 - Borders Program defined by the Ministry of Integration
2 - The role of the state and market relations in the border
3 - Regional integration
4 - The parliament of Mercosul
5 - The militarization of the region
6 - The international trade rules in confrontation with the Paraguayan free trade zone
7 – Other

- Environmental Policy and Environmental Management:

1 - The Guarani Aquifer
2 - The importance of natural resources in the region's tourist motivation
3 - The management of Itaipu Dam Lake
4 - The Interamerican University
5 - Case: the role of the Border University in Mexico
6 – Other

- Planning and Urban Management:

1 – Urban Agglomerations located in more than one country
2 - Use of land
3 – Housing
4 - The population mobility and freight
5 - Health and education services
6 – Supply
7 - Environmental Sanitation
8 - Movement of opportunities

- Socio-Cultural:

1 - Ethnic diversity
2 – Migration
3 - The religious diversity
4 - Programs for cultural and identity appreciation
5 - The symbolic representations on the border regions 'land without law' and 'no man's land'
6 - Construction of the triple border idea
7 – Research on Federal University of Argentinean Coastline

- Major Challenges:

1 - Management Problems
2 - The issues highlighted by crime rates
3 - Absence or overlap of the State in the decision and social control for policies implemented in the region

- Urban Sustainability:

1 - Shares of public administration towards sustainability (for example: construction waste management program, selective waste collection, water reuse, etc)
2 - Legal instruments for implementation of sustainable buildings
3 - Policies to encourage sustainable practices
4 - University-business-public partnerships projects aimed at the sustainable projects

- Regional Planning:

1 - Economic policies, macroeconomic and sectorial of the countries
2 - The asymmetries among countries regarding to knowledge and use of technologies, access to markets, training of workers, etc.
3 – Border agglomerations as obstacle
4 - Dilemmas and perspectives of business man and investors in the region and their impacts on cities
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