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Lightbulb ARCASIA Forum 15

ARCASIA or ARCHITECTS REGIONAL COUNCIL OF ASIA is an organization of seventeen National Institutes of Architects from the Asian region extending from Pakistan in the West to Philippines in the East, Peoples Republic of China in the North to Indonesia in the South.

The objectives of ARCASIA are:

* To unite National Institutes of Architects on a democratic basis throughout the Asian region, to foster friendly, Intellectual, artistic, educational and scientific ties.

* To foster and maintain professional contacts, mutual cooperation and assistance among Member Institutes.

* To represent architects of the Member Institutes at national and international levels.

* To promote the recognition of the architects role in society.

* To promote the development and education of architects and architectural professional in their service to society and;

* To promote research and technical advancement in the field of the built environment.

The Council of the ARCASIA consists of all the Presidents of the National Institutes. The organization itself serves as an extension for each Member Institute’s regional program and relations. Annual Meetings are held in different Member Institute countries to deliberate and to give collective directions and representation to matters that affect the architectural profession in the Asian region.

Forum 1 took place in the SLIA premises in Colombo, Sri-Lanka on 9-10 October 1982. The theme was "Innovations in Architecture"

Forum 2 took place in the Philippines International Conventions Centre in Manila on 26th October 1984 during ACA-1.
The theme was "Asian Identity".

Forum 3 took place in Kuala Lumpur coinciding with ACA-2 in 1986. The theme was "Design Directions in Asia" with the sub-theme "The State of the Art". There were two theme papers and eleven sub-theme papers presented by representatives from member and observer Institutes. After the 1986 ARCASIA Council, it was decided that the Forum would be held on the alternative years to ACA to enhance the Council meeting in between the Congresses.

Forum 4 took place in a historic palace in Bali in 1987 with the theme "My Architecture".

Forum 5 took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 21-22 October 1989. The theme was "Food for Thought in Asian Architecture".

Forum 6 took The Fragrant Hill Hotel in the suburb of Beijing, China, was the venue of Forum 6 held on 27-28 September 1991. The theme was "New thought in Housing in the Asian Context".

Forum 7 took place in Hong Kong on 20-24 September 1993. The theme was "The Vanishing Asian City".

Forum 8 took place in Singapore on 27-29 November 1995. The theme was "Asian Cities in Asian Century".

Forum 9 was held in Tokyo, Japan on 22-24 September 1997. The theme was "Architecture of the Future in Asia".

Forum 10 was held in Seoul, Korea, from 15-17 September 1999. The theme was "Technology & Tradition in Architecture".

Forum 11 was held in Singapore September 2000. The Theme was "Man, Architecture, Nature"

Forum 12 was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from December 8-9th, 2003. The theme was "The Transition of Cities and Architecture in Asia"

Forum 13 was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 1-2, December, 2005. The theme was "Simplicity & Complexity".

Forum 14 was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The theme was "Asia Nation -Architecture across Cultures".

Forum 15 is being held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from August 17-August 22, 2009. The theme will be "City and Politics".
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Default Program overview

Contact address:

Khan - Uul district, "Naran" town 21/3
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel: (+976) 7011 1610
Fax: (+976) 7013 0638
E-mail: info@arcasiaforum15.com

ARCASIA Forum 15 program sessions and schedule [ attach image ]
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Default Arcasia Awards

Arcasia Awards


ARCASIA in its endeavors to raise the standard of the built environment throughout Asia in general and in its Member countries in particular, has instituted the ARCASIA AWARD FOR ARCHITECTURE in order to encourage and recognize exemplary work done by ARCHIRECTS working in Asia. The first three in a two-year cycle of Awards were given every two years beginning 1992 during the ASIAN CONGRESS OF ARCHITECTS organized by ARCASIA. The fourth Award was given in 1998 during the ACA-7 held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. From 1999 the Awards are being adjudged during the year in which ARCASIA Forum held and conferred in the year in which ARCASIA holds its congress.

An independent Panel of Jury Member consisting of leading architects of Asia, nominated by the ARCASIA Council, shall assess and determine the winners, and the Council shall announce the AWARDS.

Aims & Objectives of the ARCASIA Awards

The aim of the ARCASIA AWARD is to acknowledge exemplary architectural work and in doing so encourage the sustenance of the Asian spirit, the development and improvement of the Asian built environment and enhancement of the awareness of the role of architects in the socio-economic and cultural life of Asian countries.

The ARCASIA Award also intends to demonstrate that good architecture is a major component of the positive influence on the human environment, and that physical development in Asia need not be in disharmony with the cultural values, national identity or the natural environment of developing countries in Asia.


20th February 2009 - First announcement sent to all Member Institutes

20th April 2009 - Second announcement sent to all Member Institutes, Including name of jurors

8th June 2009 - Remind letters to all Member Institutes

11th August 2009 - Deadline for submission of entry documents and requested information for final judging & exhibition.

14th – 16th August 2009 - Jury meeting in Ulaanbaatar and confirmation of the results of the Awards at the ARCASIA Council Meeting, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

2010 – Conferment of the ARCASIA Awards at ACA 2010 in Lahore, Pakistan.
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