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Tác giả Chủ đề: UK Film Week 2008 in Hanoi: "Urban Tales"  (Đọc 3196 lần)
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Giới tính: Nữ
Bài: 7

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« Trả lời #1 vào: 14/10/2008, 23:17 »

UK Film Week

Breaking and Entering

A mother and her daughter, a mother and her son, but a man living with one and attracted to the other. Miro, a teen from Sarajevo, lives near King's Cross with his mother; he's nimble and able to run across roofs, so his uncle hires him to break into office skylights, so the uncle can steal computers. Twice they steal from Will's firm of architectures, so Will stakes it out one night. He follows Miro home and returns the next day and meets Miro's mother, Amira. With his relationship with Liv - his beautiful Swedish partner - already in crisis, the stakeout and Amira's vulnerability are attractive alternatives to being at home. The police, too, are watching Miro.

Director: Anthony Minghella
Cast: Jude Law, Juliette Binoche, Robin Wright Penn, Martin Freeman
Year of Production: 2006


Nominations for British Independent Film 2006 Best Actress and Best Promising Newcomer Awards.

It’s a free world

Angie gets the sack from a recruitment agency for bad behaviour in public. Seizing the chance, she teams up with her flatmate, Rose, to run a similar business from their kitchen. With immigrants desperate to work, the opportunities are considerable, particularly for two girls so in tune with these times.

Director: Ken Loach
Cast: Kierston Wareing, Juliet Ellis, Leslaw Zurek, Joe Sifleet
Year of Production: 2007


- Nomination for BAFTA 2008 Best Actress Award.
- Nominations for British Independent Film 2006 Best Actress and Best Promising Newcomer Awards.
- Winner of EIUC, Osella and SIGNIS awards at the Venice Film Festival 2007
- Nomination for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival 2007

Bullet Boy

BULLET BOY tells the story of two brothers growing up in one of London's most volatile neighbourhoods, where a minor street clash escalates into a cycle of violence that has tragic repercussions. A powerful and moving tale of young men on the edge, it reflects an emerging modern reality within Britain's inner cities.

Bullet Boy inhabits a volatile world where friendships and loyalty are tested to the extreme, the interchange of fate and circumstance seems as casual as a coin toss, and the slightest flare of emotions can set off a devastating ripple of events.

Director: Saul Dibb
Cast: Leon Black, Chris Callendar, Louise Delamere, Luke Fraser
Year of Production: 2005


- Nomination for British Independent Film 2004 Best Promising Newcomer Award.
- Nomination for Douglas Hickox Award 2004.
- Nominations for Golden Hitchcock Award 2004 at the Dinard British Film Festival, and other prestigious awards.

UK short film series

Who Killed Brown Owl
Director: Christine Molloy & Joe Lawler

It is a sunny afternoon in an enchanted corner of London, burnt sunbathers, beer-drinking kids, an abandoned baby, a rabbit in a boat, a bicycle accident - in Who Killed Brown Owl the perfect English arcadia gives way to varying kinds of misfortune, disruption and violence.

Director: Adam Randall

Out of work, out of money, and living in the worst part of town, layabout Marlon is reluctantly persuaded to play detective when he crosses paths with a dangerous gang. This dark, comedy thriller sees Marlon swept into an urban old west, a world of deluded criminals, victimised shopkeepers and inept police officers. And all he wanted was an ice cream...

Director: Simon Ellis

A father rediscovers his fear of confrontation, at the worst possible time.

Director: Andrea Arnold

When 23 year old single mum Zoe gets asked out on a date, she lies about having four kids and leaves them outside the pub.

The Sickies
Director: Rupert Jones

An over-worked, under-appreciated employee decides to make his boss and co-workers notice him: by his absence.

Director: Tom Harper

A gang of inner-city kids have discovered a dark new sport.... urban fox-hunting. They ride bikes instead of horses, hurdle garden walls, instead of hedges, and use Staffordshire Bull Terriers instead of Beagles. Ben is desperate to be part of this older gang – but initiation comes at a price.

Antonio’s Breakfast
Director: Daniel Mulloy

Teenager Antonio's sick father is unable to do anything for himself - eat, dress or even move. While he's desperate to escape and be with his friends, Antonio won't allow himself to leave the flat.

Director: China Moo Young

The story of a single father with a teenage daughter and the day she brings home her new boyfriend. The film explores the emotional tensions of a father not wanting his little girl to grow up, and conversely an adult behaving like a child to get his own way.

Director: Peter Mackie Burns

A sad young woman runs, every day, to escape the drudgery of working in a cramped newspaper kiosk. One day, road works force her to change her normal route, and she stops to help an elderly man in distress. His request is simple but its consequences devastating for the young woman who’s brutal action shatters the protective veneer she surrounds herself with, and forces her to make a decision that will move her life on.

UK Animation films

Director: Steve May

A distressed phone call rallies an assortment of rampaging dinosaurs, superheroes, cops & helicopters to the aid of a lone cat stranded in a tree resulting in a morality tale which mixes up B-movie archetypes, immense stupidity & diabolical retribution...

Die Andere Seite
Director: Ellie Land

An animated documentary about the Berlin Wall, exploring childhood imagination of what they believed to be on the other side, having never been there.

The Farm
Director: Georgina Adams

The Farm is a visual exploration emphasising the beauty of the countryside and, through the introduction of the city, highlights its rapid and unattractive decline. The farmer and his livestock can do little but sit back and watch while the farm shrinks, becoming an island in a sea of urban housing.

Landing Lights
Director: Graham Young

Passenger planes and tall buildings. A contemporary haunting. We are constantly reminded of the horrors of such real events in the recent past and are regularly forced to revisit them.
Landing Lights is more of a dream than a nightmare and as such could be read as something of an antidote to the prevailing politics of fear.

And Life Went On
Director: Maryam Mohajer

Tehran, Iran, 1985 Iran/Iraq war
Air raid siren
All the neighbours rush down to the basement.
So what is going to happen in this shelter? Will every woman cry and scream whilst every man shivers and chews his moustache with rage and fear? You will be surprised!

Mummy’s Boy
Director: Chris Gooch

A Mother’s attempt to prevent her son leaving home results in a charade of epic proportion.

Music in the City
Director: James Sandifer

The setting is the London Underground. The film passes through real places and transforms them in to abstract shapes and forms. The music and the images are presented as equal elements in balance and harmony with each other.

City Paradise
Director: Gaelle Denis

London is a big city, and for those new to it, it can sometimes seem quite scary. But Tomoko, who arrives from Japan to learn English, accidentally discovers a mysterious, secret city underground, inhabited by friendly little aliens and beautiful blossoms. After she's found it, everything changes...

How to Destroy the World
Director: Pete Bishop

A 2 minute journey via the invention of the bin, through rubbish storms and the white goods constellation to the destruction of the earth.

A 2 minute journey featuring various forms of transport involving cows, catapults and the Guzzler family all destined to help destroy the world.

Doctor Shelly, singing giant carrots and very intelligent food confirm that we are all food.

Help the Aged
Director: Peter Baynton

A film about the dangers you can encounter when you help and an old lady cross the road.

Tube Mice
Director: Dan Chambers

All is not right underground, The tube is in chaos yet no one knows why. What’s more the mice are disappearing. Who is the dark figure taking a fervent interest in both? Meanwhile deep below something is trembling…

Gear Head
Director: Joe Magee 

On a bleak English housing estate a dysfunctional teenager is living in a loop.

Director: Joe Magee

It’s a digital day out and the mall just got madder. Repeat to fade and trance away the heartache in a mirror world of mass production. I’m not a human being, I’m a number. Whitewashed? Absolutely. (Colour-) saturated? Sure. See you tomorrow.

Vietnamese short film series

Fifth Season
Director: Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp

Through attending her husband's laundry, a young woman lives out her erotic desires.

White Stork
Director: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang

The story is about a young girl, whose mother is a prostitute. Through fear of the darkness of night and the longing for contact with the outside world, the film's deeply exploits the inner world of a young girl.

The Tarrace
Director: Nguyễn Hà Phong

On a terrace in the old quarter of Hanoi, an elderly father notices a parrot flying by and asks his son what it is . He asks the same question six times, increasingly irritating his son. However, the son does not remember that 51 years earlier, when he was a four year old boy, he asked his father the same question seventeen times when he saw a flock of birds passing by.

Who will wake me up when the sun goes down
Director: Lê Thảo Huyên

An old man lives a lonely life in a crowded apartment building. Everyday he contacts his son and his grandchildren by telephone. Until one day, his neighbours find him dead beside the telephone in his own apartment

Fire Ants
Director: Phạm Hải Anh

The film tells Thao Linh's story about 3 people in a family: The grandmother loves eating ants, mother hates and kills ants whenever she can and Thao Linh loves to play with ants. One day, the house is filled with ants. Anh everyone has to deal with them in their own ways. Through this they discover the "fire ants" inside themselves.
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Gián tuyến Gián tuyến

Giới tính: Nữ
Bài: 7

Xem hồ sơ Trang chủ E-mail
« vào: 14/10/2008, 23:12 »

Dear Cinema lovers,

This year’s UK film week in Vietnam has an eclectic mix of feature, animation and short films set against an ‘Urban’ backdrop and titled ‘Urban Tales’. The films have been written, directed and produced without typical Hollywood size budgets which makes them all the more remarkable. Indeed many of the films have been nominated for prestigious awards such as the British Independent Film Awards, BAFTA Awards and the Golden Lion Award at Venice Film Festival.

Our film week will also feature a series of short films by young Vietnamese film makers exploring urban life across Vietnam.

Through this series of films we will look in to the very fabric that makes up urban society and explore some of the common factors affecting everyday lives in our countries. It really is a journey not to be missed and we very much hope that we can make it together.

We would like to thank the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Cinema Department for all their valued support to make this event happen.

The films will be screened in Vietnamese at the National Cinema Centre in Hanoi and the Galaxy in HCMC. Visit the Hanoi Cinematheque to catch the original English versions.

We look forward to seeing you at the Cinema!

The British Council


British Council: 20 Thuy Khue st, Hanoi | +84 (0)4 728 1924
Mrs Vu Ngoc Tram: 0913046434 | Email: tram.vu@britishcouncil.org.vn
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