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HealthBridge is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that aims to identify, understand and bridge gaps in public health, including gaps between needs and technologies, evidence and policies, and policies and practice. HealthBridge has been operating in Vietnam since 1993 in the areas of Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Tobacco Control, HIV prevention, Gender, Livable City and Cancer.

HealthBridge  is currently looking for a qualified Vietnamese National to fill the position of Senior Project Officer (SPO) for its program “Livable Cities in Vietnam” aiming to improve health, gender equity, poverty reduction, and the environment in cities by focusing on how cities are planned, designed, built, and adapted. HealthBridge’s Livable Cities program works in partnership with local NGOs, academic institutions and governments. We help local partners identify needs, develop and implement appropriate solutions, apply innovative and sustainable practices, and promote effective policies through research and action. (For more information about our program, please visit:  http://www.healthbridge.ca/livable_cities.html )

The Senior Project Officer of Livable Cities Project will work closely with the Project Manager under guidance of the HealthBridge’s Livable Cities Program Director and the Country Director. The position is full time for a period of 12 months, subject to a renewal.

Key responsibilities include:

•   Plan, organize, coordinate, facilitate, monitor and evaluate the day-to-day implementation of the project activities in the project (including preparing of materials, creating work plan and budget plan, providing workshops and trainings, meeting with potential partners and donors, etc), to ensure effectiveness and maintain good quality and consistency of the work within the program's goal and objectives
•   Develop, maintain and improve mutual and beneficial relationships with key stakeholders and provide capacity building (including government officials, community leaders, NGOs) to ensure successful implementation of the projects in Hoi An and Hue
•   Develop and maintain expertise in the key Livable Cities’ areas of public spaces, healthy transportation, and access to healthy food.  

Other responsibilities include:

•   Develop technical materials when needed
•   Develop, maintain and improve work coordination with local key partners (community, NGO, international bodies), to ensure the successful implementation of the project activities
•   Provide support to the Project Manager with media works when necessary
•   Work with project team and partners to identify the opportunity for new project and response to call for project application as needed
•   Manage delegated budget lines if any
•   Prepare contracts, MOU with partners when needed
•   Develop monthly progress reports to Program Director, in order to ensure the provision of accurate and updated information
•   Work with the Project Manager to produce interim and final project reports
•   Perform other duties as assigned by the Country Director and Program Director

Qualifications required:

•   Master degree in public health or urban planning or related fields;
•   Thorough understanding of Vietnamese government system structure and operation;
•   Experience in partnership building, mediating and coordinating multi-sectoral collaboration;
•   Strong communication skills (especially presentation and writing skills), sensitive, able to work with people of different backgrounds and social positions, including policy makers and the media;  
•   Fluent in spoken and written English and Vietnamese;
•   Proficiency in Microsoft applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).

•   Research skills;
•   Knowledge and working experience in urban planning or urban development;
•   Skill and experience in coordinating a training program, workshops.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, detailing applicable experience and skills, and a CV to:

Pham Thi Thu Ha
Administrative/Personnel Officer
HealthBridge Canada, Vietnam Office
Suite 202&203, E4 Building, Trung Tu Diplomatic Compound,
No.6 Dang Van Ngu Str.,Dong Da Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (84 4) 35119904
Fax: (84 4) 35119905
Email: ptha@healthbridge.org.vn

Closing date: 23rd Sept, 2013.
Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.
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