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Kohler Karbon Faucet
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Date :09 Tháng 12 2009
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Vote it: The new Karbon Articulating Faucet demands attention with its robotic-like features and hyped up introduction at KBIS (every hour a dance troupe would perform with themes relating to water, innovation, and of course fluid movement). Product details: With its clean, crisp lines, the Karbon articulating faucet introduces a new geometry of versatile functionality to the kitchen. Intelligently engineered to hold any pose for hands-free operation, Karbon allows you to streamline your work surfaces and workflow. You can extend the faucet fully to fill large pots, lower it into the sink for food preparation and cleanup, fold it compactly out of the way when not in use, or position it anywhere in between. List of team credits: Tristan Butterfield, Creative Director, Kohler MetaDesign: Brett Wickens, Creative Director and Copywriter Jeremy Mattews, Design Director Kim Appelquist, Project Manager Logan: Alexei Tylevich - Creative Director Kevin Shapiro - Executive Producer Marco Ammannati - Art Director Volkert Bessling - Editor Brandon Sanders - Flame Artist Michael Kadelbach - Music Tina Chiang - Associate Producer VFX: Vincent Wauters Benoit Vincent Julien Brami Stephan Kosinski Mat Rotman Joshua Cortopassi [More] [Less]
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