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Ashui Awards 2014: "Architect of the Year" & "Building of the Year"

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A number of famous Vietnamese architects won Ashui Awards 2014 for their outstanding works, announced by E-portal website on December 31.

Accordingly, Nguyen Hoa Hiep triumped “Architect of the Year” title. The architect and his a21 studio previously won the 2014 WAF’s Building of the Year (World Architecture Festival's awards) title for their “The Chapel” project.

The “House for trees” architecture project won "Building of the Year" title. Based on the theme of the potted trees typically found on the rooftops and balconies in Vietnam, renowned architect Vo Trong Nghia and his Japanese partners Masaaki Iwamoto and Kosuke Nishijima built a house that functions as a series of pots for trees. The house includes five separate prismatic blocks, each of which contains a tree planted on its roof. Its design offers an inspiring solution to the city's growing pollution and shortage of green space. The construction was completed on 350 square meters in Ho Chi Minh City's Tan Binh District and was the first of its kind in Vietnam built with a bamboo framework. Earlier, “House for trees” won international prizes of AR House Awards and WAF Awards this year.

S House 3

“S House 3” work of Vo Trong Nghia company also secured “Low -Cost House” title.

Besides, Vu Linh Quang of ARDOR Architects Company also pocketed “Young Architect” and Ass.Prof Nguyen Minh Hoa bagged the "Author of the publication and architecture" title.

Architect Vu Linh Quang (left) / Ass.Prof Nguyen Minh Hoa (right)

According to Le Viet Ha, president of, Ashui Awards is held annually with a view to honouring Vietnamese architects who stood out with works representing talent, vision, and pioneering features that help form an architectural trend in the future.

The award presentation ceremony is scheduled to be held at Grand Hotel Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City on January 11, 2015.

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