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East-West Avenue: disbursement for some projects paused

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HCM City authorities have asked related agencies and the East-West Highway and Water Environment Project Management Unit to temporarily stop disbursing money for some projects under contracts with Japan’s Pacific Consultants International (PCI).

The HCM City People’s Committee said the temporary stoppage of disbursement for PCI is at the Ministry of Planning and Investment’s request.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry recently talked with the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment about the current ODA relations between the two countries.

Because of some reasons associated with Japan’s internal affairs, the Japanese Foreign Ministry asked Vietnam to temporarily stop disbursement under consulting contracts signed with PCI.

In HCM City, besides the East-West Highway project, PCI has also participated in the first and second phases of the Water Environment Improvement Project as a consultant since 2002.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment has also asked for the temporarily stoppage of disbursement for some projects being undertaken by the Transport Ministry, such as Thanh Tri Bridge, the third phase of the bridge construction for National Highway 1 and the project to improve railway traffic safety on the Hanoi-HCM City rail route.

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