Sep 26th
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Home English News Hanoi ranks 104th in Global City Competitiveness

Hanoi ranks 104th in Global City Competitiveness

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Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are amongst the 140 cities in the most competitive index in the world, according to a new report Global City Competitiveness by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).  

In the world chart consisting of 120 cities, Hanoi ranked 104th with 38.8 points on the 100 point rating scale while Ho Chi Minh City ranked 109th with 36.5 points.

Hanoi only went to the 36th place and Ho Chi Minh City, the 39th, out of 44 cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Despite the low competitive index, Hanoi had a good review in the ‘economic strength’ category. With 43.8 points, the capital was placed 20th in world top 30 along with Hong Kong. According to the report, Hanoi's GDP will have an average growth of 10.2 per cent year in the 2010-2016 period.

The EIU said the report was developed to measure city indexes across eight distinct categories of competitiveness, including economic strength, human capital, institutional effectiveness, financial maturity, global appeal, physical capital, social and cultural character and environmental and natural hazards.



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